Prominent Psychedelic Medicine Researcher Added To Mind Cure Team

Mind Cure has now made three key appointments to its Scientific Advisory Board in just the last week

Another day. Another internationally known figure in psychedelic medicine has been named to the Scientific Advisory Board of Mind Cure Health (CAN:MCUR).

The Company has made a flurry of high-profile appointments since going public on September 21st. It can be a little difficult for investors to keep track.

Today, Mind Cure has announced the addition of Dr. Jason Wallach to its Scientific Advisory Board.

Who is Jason Wallach?

Another recently-appointed Mind Cure Advisor, Hamilton Morris, can answer that question. Morris, the well-known creator and host of “Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia” did a presentation with Dr. Wallach, all the way back in October 2015.

The topic was Arylcyclohexylamines, a class of “dissociative anesthetic” psychedelic drugs.

Not an easy topic to absorb, unless you have advanced training in chemistry. But Jason Wallach, PhD., is a true academic.

Wallach is presently a professor in the Pharmaceutical Sciences department of the University of the Sciences (Philadelphia). His specialty is the pharmacology of psychoactive drugs.

Dr. Wallach teaches courses ranging from psychopharmacology to pathology. He is a highly regarded academic with dozens of articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. His current research “includes investigations of structure activity relationships, drug tolerability, target selectivity and multi-target drug design, and biased ligand development.”

Mind Cure’s Chairman, President and CEO Philip Tapley explained this latest addition to the Company’s research team.
“We are building our operations to be completely rooted in science. By aligning with world-class scientists and researchers like Dr. Wallach, we will ensure that our operations, from research to product development, are driven by science and data first. Dr. Wallach's impeccable track record and specific industry experience puts him in the position to choose to work with anyone. We are honoured he chose Mind Cure and welcome him to the team with excitement.”

Wallach himself mirrors this enthusiasm.
“I am a believer in the potential to treat the mental health illnesses of today in novel ways with new medicines. Mind Cure is putting together an impressive team of researchers, scientists and industry leaders. I look forward to working together with them and collaborating on new ways to treat mental health.” [emphasis mine]

Impressive team? In just the last week, in addition to Dr. Wallach, Mind Cure has made other key additions to its Scientific Advisory Board:
  • Hamilton Morris, an acclaimed journalist, popular media host, and acknowledged expert in psychedelic medicine
  • Dr. Dan Engle, an internationally renowned researcher and expert in psychedelic medicine

A psychedelic medicine all-star team.

Perhaps the key takeaway for investors came near the beginning of today’s news release.

Dr. Wallach is joining Mind Cure's scientific advisory board and will advise on research and drug discovery across the nootropic and psychedelic spectrum. [emphasis mine]

Investors familiar with Mind Cure know that the Company has begun its operations with the rollout of its Moonbeam product line of organic functional mushrooms. Nootropics.
A big market.

It’s a $23 billion market today, projected to reach $37 billion by 2025 according to Mordor Intelligence.

Some of the research talent that Mind Cure has been adding won’t really come into play until it launches its own psychedelic drug R&D. Dr. Wallach’s expertise can be leveraged by the Company immediately.

Since it commenced trading on September 21st at CAD$0.20, Mind Cure has been delivering results for shareholders. Currently trading at CAD$0.66, MCUR has more than tripled initial investments.

The Company is also delivering on the operational side.

In addition to a series of notable appointments, Mind Cure has also announced acquiring its Health Canada Natural Product Numbers (NPN) to begin retailing Moonbeam mushrooms in Canada.

Not bad for a company that has been trading for less than three weeks.

MCUR is presently up 3% in trading today.

DISCLOSURE: Mind Cure Health is a client of Psychedelic Stock Watch. The writer holds shares in Mind Cure Health.
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